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T.B. Davis security provides a variety of services and solutions for our clients from stationary and foot patrol to vehicular patrols and black tie events. All patrols and security details will be performed in a manner directed by the client. Below are some of the services that we provide. The following services are not all inclusive. T.B. Davis security can custom tailor are services to achieve the solutions you desire. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any inquires or requests.


Stationary Patrol

T.B. Davis security is able to provide your facility with professional, well trained, equipped and uniformed security officers. Each officer is issued a uniform wardrobe and equipment consistent with your site or events requirements.


Foot Patrols

Whether it is retail, commercial, residential, industrial, or a job-site, T.B. Davis security can provide officers who are trained to effectively deal with any potential issues that may arise. We will patrol areas at times and manner which is directed by our client.


Roving Vehicle Patrols

Residential: T.B. Davis’ vehicle patrol services will perform random security patrols through your property. Our officers will upon request lock/unlock common areas, respond to complaints. Our presence will also discourage unauthorized and criminal activity. We can provide your gate house with an officer that will put your residence and visitors at ease.

Commercial/Industrial: T.B. Davis provides random and dedicated security vehicle and foot patrol services to commercial and industrial properties. All officers will be trained for site specific duties which may include gate access, traffic control, parking enforcement and tenant or vendor response.


Uniformed Unarmed

T.B. Davis Security offers unarmed security officers available to meet whatever requirements that you may have. We have officers trained in less than lethal, arrest and control techniques, and defensive tactics. Uniform types may be specified by our client in accordance with company policy.


Black Tie Events (suits available)

T.B. Davis has officers available for all of your formal events. We will exercise discretion while patrolling your event. Appropriate attire is such as suits and other formalwear is available for any formal event.