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Welcome to TB Davis Security

Thank you for visiting T.B. Davis Security Services. We provide professional security and solutions for industrial complexes, businesses, retail shopping centers, and healthcare facilities throughout the Monterey Bay area. We believe in solving your security problems. You’ve looked at rest, now call the best. Let T.B. Davis serve your security needs for your upcoming special event, private party, corporate event, or business property.

We employ only the brightest officers who have integrity; are honest, polite, courteous, approachable, and properly trained to ensure your event goes smoothly, or your business is properly protected. We don’t only provide security protection and solutions; we provide peace of mind.

Our suite of services lets you customize our security solutions to your needs. Because we tailor our security package to suit you, you always pay the right price.

Commercial and Retail Security

If you run a commercial enterprise that relies on customers to thrive, having visible security assures your clientele a safer, more worry-free environment. Secure customers are returning customers, so showing your visitors that their safety is important to you is vital to retaining their business. We can provide uniformed foot or vehicle patrols that go where you need them. Our trained officers will also receive your site-specific instructions to give you precisely the security you want. To help you determine how best to use our security force, we also offer risk assessment services and security surveys of your property.

At T.B. Davis, we understand that commercial security sometimes involves investigating employees. With our partners, we can oversee employee drug or alcohol testing to ensure the safety of your company’s patrons and other employees. We can also provide investigative services at your discretion.

Industrial Security

With copper and building materials at a premium, security is paramount for construction and renovation work sites. Industrial security is in high demand and a growing field. Companies that used to hire a single night watchman have found that more comprehensive security solutions have become necessary. We offer everything from foot and vehicle patrols to gate checks that limit access to your site to protect your investments.

Our highly visible industrial security services can also act as a deterrent to unauthorized activity. Many industrial thefts are crimes of opportunity, but when T.B. Davis Security Services patrols your site, those criminal opportunities do not exist.

Private, Special, and Corporate Event Security

High visibility can be a deterrent, but sometimes security must also be discreet. For some events, you want security that blends seamlessly with the surroundings to offer invisible protection to guests. For black-tie events, our professional security staff will exchange uniforms for suits and provide low-profile protection. With T.B. Davis Security, our specially trained and discreet personnel will become a part of the scenery, providing strong security without attracting attention.

T.B. Davis Security Is Here for You

Your protection and peace of mind is our highest priority. Security is too important to leave in the hands of untrained guards or inexperienced personnel. Trust the professional security services of T.B. Davis. Our staff of security officers is equipped with the latest security industry training. All of our officers have completed the mandated Bureau of Security and Investigative Services training programs. Mr. Davis has this training, plus the experience of a career in law enforcement. Our senior security officers have the mandatory training plus an education in criminal justice, as well as police academy training.

If you have questions, concerns, or need solutions to an ongoing problem, we welcome and invite you to call or email us. Don’t settle for an average security firm. Your business, employees, and clients deserve the best. They deserve T.B. Davis Security. You can reach us at (831) 206-8864 or at We look forward to serving your security needs.